Nearshore Reading Group

CCS Basement alternating Friday's at 10:45am: If interested contact

Summer 2008 (informal)

Tuesday Aug 5th (Falk Feddersen)

The next phase of our reading group will be turbulence models. We'll learn what slang such as "Mellor-Yamada" , "k-epsilon", "k-omega", and generic length scale equation all mean. The first paper we'll be reading is: This paper reviews the basics of zero, one, and 2 equation turbulence models, in unstratified flow conditions. The whole point is to know what eddy viscosity to use in equations for the mean flow. For further background see the Turbulence Chapter of Kundu, in particular the subsection "The Kinetic Energy Budget of Mean (& Turbulent) Flow".

Spring Quarter 2008 (informal)

Tuesday May 6th and Wed May 21(Falk Feddersen)

Spring Quarter 2006 (1 credit 219 special topics class)

Friday June 2nd 2006 (Steve Henderson)

Friday May 19th 2006 (Melissa Omand)

Friday May 5th 2006 (Nicolas Le Dantec)

Friday April 21st 2006 (Dave Clark)

Friday April 7th 2006 (Melissa Omand)

(NOTE: we will be discussing only the INTRO, BEACH ENVIRONMENT (p2-3), and MESOSCALE PATTERNS (p9-13) sections of this paper)

Winter Quarter 2006 (1 credit 219 special topics class)

Friday March 17th 2006 (Leah Hogarth)

Friday March 3rd 2006 (Feddersen)

Friday Feb 17th 2006

Friday Feb 3rd 2006 (Dave Clark)

Friday Jan 20th 2006 (Yates)

Fall Quarter 2005

This group is now a 1 credit 219 special topics class.

Friday Dec 2nd 2005 (Henderson)

Friday Nov 18th 2005 (Yates)

Friday Nov 11th 2005 (Clark)

Friday Oct 28th 2005 (Spydell)

Friday Oct 14th 2005 (Ponte)

Friday September 30th 2005 (Feddersen)

Summer 2005

Friday September 16th 2005 (Guza)

We'll be continuing the paper from two weeks ago

Friday September 2 2005 (Guza)

Friday August 19 2005 (Yates)

Thursday July 21 2005 (Clark)

Friday July 1 2005 (Clark)

Friday June 17th 2005 (Spydell)

Spring 2005

Friday May 27th 2005 (Feddersen)

Friday May 6th 2005 (Henderson)

Friday April 22th 2005 (Feddersen)

Friday April 8th 2005 (Yates)

Winter 2005

Friday March 11 2005 (Henderson)

Friday Feb 25 2005 (Guza)

Friday Feb 11 2005 (Spydell)

Friday Jan 28 2005 (Feddersen)