Falk Feddersen: ROMS Modeling Lab: Spring 2017 (SIO 219)

ROMS Modeling Lab Spring 2017

SIO 219 Section 902555, 1 unit S/U
Professor Falk Feddersen
falk at coast.ucsd.edu
Phone: 858.534.4345
Office: 2nd floor CCS - blue door with sticker that says Quit Beefin, Eat Lobstah

Meetings Friday 12:00pm, Center for Coastal Studies Basement Conference Room

Description We've highjacked the Obs seminar for the quarter! The ROMS modeling lab will focus on getting folks comfortable with compiling and running ROMS, understanding the theoretical and code internals, and develop a capability to run some interesting test cases and analyze them in MATLAB or python. If you took this class last year then we will have additional labs to take you a bit further.

Course Requirements Students should register as S/U. Students will be expected to attend the lab sessions and do the lab work primarily in class. A good attitude with frustration is helpful as builiding and running models is always fraught with setbacks.

Course Outline

  • Week 1: get necessary software installed onto laptops. Libraries built.
  • Week 2: get ROMS compiled and able to run on a very basic case
  • Week 3: working w/ NETCDF ouput in MATLAB or python. also ncview
  • Week 4: Basic numerical stability issues: CFL and diffusive stability with toy ROMS cases models
  • Week 5: Song and Haidvogetl 1994 (see below)
  • Week 6: Building more complex simulations + choosing projects (teams?)
  • Week 8, 9: Working on projects in class
  • Week 10: project presentation

ROMS Modeling Labs

The google doc for the ROMS modeling lab is located here: ROMS MODELING LABS

Reading for ROMS and sigma-coordinate primitive equation models

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at falk@coast.ucsd.edu.